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023 Maz Schirmer - From never believing that she could change to discovering her true potential buried deep inside of her

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**Please be advised that this interview contains topics that may cause some people distress.

Welcome!  Today’s SHEro is Maz Schirmer, who shares her incredible story of turning her life around from one of horrific abuse, living in protective custody, and crippling self-doubt.  She was also diagnosed with two incurable diseases.  She is now a world-renowned leader who helps women around the world transform their lives.

Join me for an inspiring conversation with Maz!

Maz describes herself as a “3rd generation Weaker-Sex Syndrome Thriver.”  She is the mother of four grown children and the grandmother of six little ones.  

Maz is recognized as a pioneer in the area of women’s self-development.  She is the Director/Founder of the Institute of Women International and the creator of Creatrix, which focuses on the Female Brain/Mind Process.  Maz is a respected author and innovator.

In this episode, Maz shares:

  • How at age 30, she experienced a life-altering moment, an epileptic incident, a moment of insight and clarity, and determined to turn her life around.

  • How she finally found inner strength, fulfilment, and purpose after years of abuse, self-doubt, and degradation.

  • How she found support, not from her family, but through reading autobiographies and gleaning encouragement from others.

  • How she learned the basics of being happy after a life of suppression—“The New Normal.”

  • Happiness doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone—peace of mind and freedom of choice bring happiness to Maz.

  • The realisation that came to her that it was ok to be happy and smile again, and that her life shouldn’t be one of suffering.

  • Some obstacles she faced were epilepsy and having to find sufficient income to support her four children on her own.



Biggest Learning:

“Don’t try to control everything that happens. Just let tomorrow happen and don’t live in fear.”


Favourite Quote:

“Watch what you ask for—you just might get it.” - Maz Schirmer


Theme Song:

Freedom- Pharrell Williams

SuperShero Name:

North American Indian Grandmother


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About Maz:

I am a 3rd generation 'weaker sex' syndrome thriver.

I've been blessed that after 30 years of struggle I was able to turn my unfortunate life around to one of such amazing success, happiness and abundance (for 20+ years) I still pinch myself sometimes. If I can do it, anyone can, given the right tools and education.

Most importantly I am a Mother of 4 Adult Children (whom I raised single handedly) and a Nana to 6 little cutie pies.

Recognised for my pioneering spirit and discoveries in women's self development and down to earth 'relative' and passionate delivery of my findings. Officially I am the Founding Director of Institute of Women International, Author, Innovator of The Only Female Brained Mind Process called CREATRIX® and 'Outside the Box' Transformational Trainer.


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Maz's Book - The Maz Factor


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