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Connect deeply with your inner wise woman and work with powerful lunar energies to uncover your wildest dreams and bring them into reality.

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Your SHEro's Journey

Take the 28-day energy clearing adventure and get back in touch with your true sense of Self.

Begin your very own 28-day adventure
to connect deeply with who you really are, and remember your magic.

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Lunar Love

Lunar Love

Connect with a community of women, driven by the desire for a fully expressed and authentic life.

Join a community of like-minded women and activate your own power by learning to DANCE with the rhythms of life that swirl around you, and within you

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Kinesiology with Rebecca

Transformative Kinesiology

Reclaim and celebrate your True nature, so that you can stand in your power with confidence and ease

In these 1-2-1 sessions we dive deep so that you can breakthrough, expand and up-level all areas of your life.

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I'm here to guide you on your SHEro's Journey

25 years ago, when I started on this Path to discover who I really was, and not who the world (or my parents) expected me to be, I would try talking to my friends and family about the ideas of having a soul purpose, energy work, chakras, crystals, living my fullest potential, etc, but they would tend to glaze over or look at me as if I was mad... 

What I really craved and needed at this time, were three main things:

  1. Clarity
    More than anything I wanted to know what I was here to do, what my soul purpose was, how I could contribute to the world

  2. Community
    A community to share my ideas with (so that I knew I wasn't alone, or crazy just because my world view was different!), and to learn more from the experience and interest of others

  3.  Support
    I knew I couldn't be the only person to walk this path. I wanted someone to tell me what to expect, how to navigate obstacles, and if it was all going to be worth it! (if you're wondering... It is!)

With this in mind, I have created the very programs that I longed for on this Journey.

"Whatever you choose, if you decide to work with me or join my community, or not, please know that you're not alone, (or mad), you're just ready to awaken to yourself, your potential, and a different way of living your life."

With love and admiration for you choosing this Path and honouring The Call, Rebecca xoxo

What other SHEroes are saying

"I had more energy... and free of worries."

Thanks you so much for this wonderful journey.

I loved the 10-20 minutes to just sit down and think about the statements and do the clearings. Most of the time I didn't feel anything during the clearing, but I noticed I had more energy that day or felt more free of worries in my head. Loved it! 

~ Anniek de Boer

"It was amazing to feel the energy."

Thank you so much for the Your Shero’s Journey.  It’s been fabulous!  I love the clearings and it was amazing to feel the energy or reactions within me each time there was a clearing.

Kinesiology is great!  The journal is really wonderful and well put together and I particularly enjoyed the meditations. 

~ Rosemarie

"I experienced a shift of remarkable depth, an integration of my Purpose into my daily life"

Your SHEro's Journey far exceeded my expectations.

I joined because I didn't want to feel isolated in my personal journey of transformation anymore. I had begun to embrace my healing gifts and planned to transition my business from a coaching to a healing practice, but hadn't yet shared this with my friends or family. During Your SHEro's Journey I experienced a shift of remarkable depth, an integration of my Purpose and Path into my daily life. 

As the Journey progressed I had opportunities to share about my transition in a way that felt natural and full of ease. I'm no longer conflicted about how to present myself in daily interactions in my community because I am more deeply rooted in simply being my Self. 

I would highly recommend this experience to anyone wishing for support as they move into deeper alignment with themselves. Heed the call if you are drawn to join Your SHEro's Journey!

~ Natanya Lara

"In a flash the clearing we had done around this completely transformed me!"

Rebecca, I can't thank you enough for this entire Clearing Program.

To be honest, I had no idea what to expect from this process but I knew that I had stuck energy that I wanted to shift.

As you took us through the program, I had one of two experiences. During the clearings, I found I had a lot more than I expected come up, including previously unknown perspectives on the topic or had nothing come up at all. Either way, I felt like nothing was happening because it was all so gentle and comfortable.

Well, I couldn't have been more wrong in thinking that nothing was shifting! I had a situation come up in my life, one that has been a problem in the past, and I suddenly realized that for the first time, I had no emotional entanglement or energetic ties to it. In a flash that the clearing we had done around this completely transformed me!

You were incredible throughout the entire process...Responsive, gentle, accommodating and simply wonderful.

I loved the meditations you gave us as they helped me relax into the process. Your voice and energy is just pure comfort. One of the greatest things that I am taking away from this process is that shifting can be EASY, GENTLE and still completely effective! Thank you so very much!"

~ Ellie

"I feel as though I have come forward leaps and bounds in such a short time."

The Shero journey is one that I have throughly enjoyed.  I feel as though I have come forward leaps and bounds in such a short time.

I'll be honest I'm not one for completing things.  I start off with good intentions which wane a day or two after and excuses start being made, but this journey kept me gripped and I found myself actually eagerly waiting for the next session, which is a rarity.

Rebecca's energy radiates throughout the whole programme. You know that you are being looked after and that she cares and wants to help you.  It is extremely well thought out and I love the recordings and the journal, they are fantastic aids.

I found all of the clearings beneficial and I could feel my blockages being broken down piece by piece. The essences had such positive energy, I could feel them filling in the gaps left behind, instantly leaving me feeling calm, relaxed and ready for bed.

My purpose is to gain independence, something which I've been trying to achieve for the last 3 years but fear has been holding me back.  With the help of Rebecca and the Shero's Journey I am now ready to leave my parents house and will be doing so next month, I've typed this feeling no fear at all, (thats a massive achievement in itself!!)

I've also been suffering with pain in my ribs on waking in the morning since November; which goes after a couple of hours but is quite painful whilst its there.  During one of the clearings my ribs were tingling throughout and so far since then I haven't woke up with the pain, something I hope will last.

 I wouldn't hesitate in joining this programme.  Rebecca is there with you every second of the way with support, inspiration and advice.  If you want to bring about change, to move forward, to embrace YOU then this journey is for you.  I cant thank Rebecca enough!

~ Jayne Diggles