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Walking The Spiral Path

Walking The Spiral Path

Tonight was the final call of a four month group that I'd been running, I was both excited to share more on our final lesson togther, and sad that such an amazing experience was coming to an end.

It was fitting then, that our final topic was on supporting our sacred self, and looking at the spiral path that women walk.

As I spoke about honouring our sacred selves, the topic invariably turned to cycles and nature - two of my favourite topics.

It seems like a lifetime ago, but I used to teach people about how to create amazing raw food recipes.

Raw food didn't appeal to me because it was healthier, in fact in my case, when I was pregnant, raw food wasn't the best choice for me - but that's a whole other story... But I love raw food because it's food in its natural form (or at least much closer than heavily processed foods!), and when I ate a high raw food diet, it was one way that connected me more deeply to my own true nature.

There was no hiding from emotions or feelings by stuffing them down with foods such as breads and pasta, but eating more raw food, allowed to to relearn about my relationship with myself, and highlighted the areas in my life that needed some attention.

It reminded me that ultimately we are part of nature in all of it's glorious, colourful, juicy, tasty, powerful, and unruly ways.

We've done a good job over the years of trying to control nature. To harness her power, and protect ourselves from the very same wild, unpredictability that both scares us and has us in awe.

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The Evolution of The Feminine Archetypes - Part One

The Evolution of The Feminine Archetypes - Part One

I love working with the archetypes. There’s something comforting about drawing on the wisdom of these patterns that have come before us, and that will continue on after us.

They help us to see universal patterns, and to make sense of the word and our experiences.

Working with women, the archetype of The Triple Goddess, The Maiden – Mother – Crone often comes up.

I love this archetype, it values the Maiden, Mother and Crone equally. This is particularly important today, as so much value is placed on the youth of the Maiden in our culture, it can be hard to remember the value that the Mother and the Crone have to offer.

However, the idea of the Maiden – Mother – Crone comes from a time when we had babies at the age of 14, were grandmothers at the age of 30, and didn’t live much past 45.

Not only have we changed biologically, but our choices have also changed, leaving many women feeling that these three traditional concepts no longer truly represent their life experience.

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