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When Priestesses Get It Wrong

When Priestesses Get It Wrong

Yesterday, I was one of six priestesses to hold a Dark Moon ritual at at the Goddess Temple, in Glastonbury.

Over 40 people attended!

If you've ever been to the Temple, you know that 40 people makes it very full, and very cosy!!

It was an amazing experience with the most gorgeous contributions from the people who joined us.

There's a lot of visitors to Glastonbury, and during the ritual people spoke their offerings in Portuguese, Hebrew, Italian, German, and Welsh.

It felt wonderful to be part of such a rich and varied community.

A community who had stepped forward with the intention to bring more love to themselves, and the world.

But...I nearly let the fullness of the experience be taken away from me...

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The Beginning of My Journey to Becoming a Priestess

The Beginning of My Journey to Becoming a Priestess

This year has been a true 'coming home' for me.

This is a bit of a stream of consciousness, written on the edge of  my bed, in the dark, while my two favourite boys sleep next to me... Let's see where it goes....

When I teach about the stages in The SHEro's Journey, my favourite part is The Return - The stage when we get to return 'home'.

We return home after our adventures, having overcome our trials and tribulations, often a little battered and bruised, but also knowing a bit more about ourselves and how we show up in the world.

Ever since I was a teenager I've longed to know more about myself. Always searching for 'who I am', feeling that there is a greater meaning to life, and always looking for my 'purpose'.

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