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The Evolution of The Feminine Archetypes - Part One

The Evolution of The Feminine Archetypes - Part One

I love working with the archetypes. There’s something comforting about drawing on the wisdom of these patterns that have come before us, and that will continue on after us.

They help us to see universal patterns, and to make sense of the word and our experiences.

Working with women, the archetype of The Triple Goddess, The Maiden – Mother – Crone often comes up.

I love this archetype, it values the Maiden, Mother and Crone equally. This is particularly important today, as so much value is placed on the youth of the Maiden in our culture, it can be hard to remember the value that the Mother and the Crone have to offer.

However, the idea of the Maiden – Mother – Crone comes from a time when we had babies at the age of 14, were grandmothers at the age of 30, and didn’t live much past 45.

Not only have we changed biologically, but our choices have also changed, leaving many women feeling that these three traditional concepts no longer truly represent their life experience.

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