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036 SHEro Carrie Hensley - Mindfulness and Yoga

SHEro Carrie Hensley

Welcome! My guest today is SHEro Carrie Hensley, who will teach us how to incorporate a regular yoga practice into our daily lives, even if it’s just five minutes!

Carrie shares how yoga can change and empower your life.

Carrie wants to connect people to their inner awareness and mindfulness. She owned an award-winning yoga studio for seven years before opening her own online yoga studio, Sacred Sangha. 

Join us for some inspiration from Carrie!

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034 SHEro Raeeka Yassaie - Find calmness and peace with kundalini yoga

034 SHEro Raeeka Yassaie

Welcome! My guest today is SHEro Raeeka Yassaie, a bliss-seeker and joy guide.

Raeeka coaches, mentors, and teaches yoga and meditation. She previously worked in the corporate world, but now understands how to use her experience to deliver practical and spiritual tools to help people reach their full potential. Raeeka will talk about how we can incorporate Kundalini Yoga into everyday life, even in as little as three minutes!

Join us for some actionable inspiration from Raekka!

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