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039 SHEro Jacqui McGinn - Understanding The Connection With Your True Self

039 SHEro Jacqui Mcginn

Welcome! My guest today is SHEro Jacqui McGinn, an intuitive coach and healer who focuses on understanding the connection to our true selves.

She’s always been fascinated by language and communication, which fits perfectly into her current work.

We’ll talk about her healing work and how an emotional breakdown led to a spiritual breakthrough.

Join us!

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025 SHEro's Laura and Claire - From successful careers to following their passions to create fulfilment

SHEro's Laura and Claire

Welcome! Today’s Super SHERO is actually two! I’m delighted to be talking to Laura Knowles and Claire Snowdon-Darling. They both left successful but stressful careers to set up their business. They specialise in women’s physical and emotional health through holistic healing.

They are experts in alternative health and women’s transformation and have dedicated themselves to supporting women to rise up and claim their empowerment.

Join me for an inspiring conversation with Laura and Claire!

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023 Maz Schirmer - From never believing that she could change to discovering her true potential buried deep inside of her

YSJ FB Image Maz Schirmer

**Please be advised that this interview contains topics that may cause some people distress.

Welcome!  Today’s SHEro is Maz Schirmer, who shares her incredible story of turning her life around from one of horrific abuse, living in protective custody, and crippling self-doubt.  She was also diagnosed with two incurable diseases.  She is now a world-renowned leader who helps women around the world transform their lives.

Join me for an inspiring conversation with Maz!

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010 SHEro Ruby Toad - From A Sense Of Inadequacy To Learning To Thrive

SHEro Ruby Toad

Ruby shares how she tapped into her inner confidence and turned her life around, despite suffering from severe anxiety, panic attacks, raging don't mess with me attitude, crushing sense of inadequacy, and a hopeless need to please everyone.

She explains that when people say to her 'You're so happy and smiley and light and bubbly', she thinks to herself: "Wow. You have no idea...", because her transformation to get to this space has been enormous.
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