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030 SHEro Jen Edds - From Leaving Her Comfort Zone To Pursing Her Passion

030 SHEro Jen Edds - From Leaving Her Comfort Zone To Pursing Her Passion

Welcome! Today’s SHEro is Jen Edds, who quietly walked away from her comfort zone and a steady paycheck to pursue her passion.

Jen uses her skills in the music industry to help other women share their stories and find their voices.

Jen is the founder of 317 Designs, a company that helps authors, coaches, and business owners launch, produce, and distribute podcasts and other audio content. She is the host of Brassy Broadcast, a music business podcast where women dish about the music business. 

Join me for an inspiring conversation with Jen!

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028 SHEro Becky Walsh - From Following Her Intuition to Move Countries to Becoming a Published Author

SHEro Becky Walsh

Welcome!  Today’s SHEro is Becky Walsh, who is a down-to-earth, funny teacher and Hay House author. She has written several books, including 'You Do Know: Learning to Act on Intuition Instantly'. She has her own TV show called “Becky’s Life Hacks,” and writes for multiple magazines.

Today she shares her adventure of listening to her intuition that took her from selling up in London, so that she could move to San Fransisco.

Join me for an inspiring conversation with Becky!

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026 SHEro Star Khechara - From living in a tent to five star luxury

SHEro Star Khechara

Welcome!  Today’s SHEro is Star Khechara, who is a passive income strategist and freedom business mentor who used her entrepreneur skills to transform her life. She went from living in a tent on the edge of poverty to living a five-star luxury lifestyle. She created a business on her own terms after going against the norm. 

Join me for an inspiring conversation with Star!

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025 SHEro's Laura and Claire - From successful careers to following their passions to create fulfilment

SHEro's Laura and Claire

Welcome! Today’s Super SHERO is actually two! I’m delighted to be talking to Laura Knowles and Claire Snowdon-Darling. They both left successful but stressful careers to set up their business. They specialise in women’s physical and emotional health through holistic healing.

They are experts in alternative health and women’s transformation and have dedicated themselves to supporting women to rise up and claim their empowerment.

Join me for an inspiring conversation with Laura and Claire!

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012 SHEro LJ Earnest - From Feeling Embarrassed to Fully Embracing Her Teaching Career

SHEro LJ Earnest

LJ shares that after a nasty incident at work her friend asked her if it was going to be a new company or a new career, she chose a new career.

LJ explains how she left her career in IT to become a teacher, even though it meant a 50% reduction in her salary. Yet she readily admits, that the salary cut was a reason that this change had been delayed...

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011 SHEro Karina Ladet - From Waiting for the Perfect to Change to Just Doing It

SHEro Karina Ladet

Karina shares how she had The Call when she was working in a traditional 9-5 role and although it didn't become her business for 10 years, she learnt to trust herself and her gifts as she continually practised her channelling skills.

A week after doing the channelling course and ‘receiving’ a large heart, she met her husband. Even though she wasn’t looking for love, she explains that it was like she had made the connection and everything started falling in to place.

Karina shares how the more she acted on her seemingly crazy hunches from her spirit guides, the more she noticed that it worked.

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