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028 SHEro Becky Walsh - From Following Her Intuition to Move Countries to Becoming a Published Author

SHEro Becky Walsh

Welcome!  Today’s SHEro is Becky Walsh, who is a down-to-earth, funny teacher and Hay House author. She has written several books, including 'You Do Know: Learning to Act on Intuition Instantly'. She has her own TV show called “Becky’s Life Hacks,” and writes for multiple magazines.

Today she shares her adventure of listening to her intuition that took her from selling up in London, so that she could move to San Fransisco.

Join me for an inspiring conversation with Becky!

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016 SHEro Danielle Eaton - From wrecking her health to serve others to creating a life that supports her and her family

SHEro Danielle Eaton

Danielle shares how after investing so much in her 10 year career and building up her private practice, she made the very hard decision to leave it behind to become a mum.

She shares how she went through guilt and embarrassment as she made this incredibly tough decision for her and her family. 

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