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039 SHEro Jacqui McGinn - Understanding The Connection With Your True Self

039 SHEro Jacqui Mcginn

Welcome! My guest today is SHEro Jacqui McGinn, an intuitive coach and healer who focuses on understanding the connection to our true selves.

She’s always been fascinated by language and communication, which fits perfectly into her current work.

We’ll talk about her healing work and how an emotional breakdown led to a spiritual breakthrough.

Join us!

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038 SHEro Karolina Dobrovska - Wisdom and Actionable Insight With The Tarot

038 SHEro Karolina

Welcome! Have you ever wished you knew more about tarot cards and how to use them?

Today’s guest is SHEro Karolina Dobrovska, a tarot alchemist and empowerment coach. She can show you how you can use the beauty and symbolism of the tarot to offer deeper insights into life’s challenges, and when NOT to use it.

Karolina teaches women to trust themselves in making decisions.

Join us for more on this interesting topic!

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029 SHEro Katharine Wolf - From denial to alignment

029 SHEro Katharine Wolf - From denial to alignment

Welcome! Today’s SHEro is Katharine Wolf, who made the conscious decision to open up to trusting herself, her emotions, and her intuition. 

This trust has led her to move from city life in London to the wild, rural countryside of Dartmoor.

Kate is a healer and guide, and the founder of Wild Women Success. She is a yoga teacher and business coach who prefers to work with clients in small groups or on a one-on-one basis. Her passion is to teach women to follow their desires in life and in business.

Join me for an inspiring conversation with Katharine!

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020 SHEro Tabitha Jayne - From troubled young adult to published author and international speaker

SHEro Tabi Jayne

**Please be advised that this interview contains topics that may cause some people distress.

Welcome!  Today’s SHEro Tabitha Jayne (Tabi), who shares how she went from a troubled young person to a published author, international speaker, eco-psychologist, and natural growth consultant.  

She helps people create meaningful and purposeful, stress-free lives and businesses with the help of nature. She is the creator of The Nature Process and Tree of Transformation.

Join me for an inspiring conversation with Tabi!

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018 SHEro Sandra Humby - From bankruptcy and divorce to discovering the sacred wisdom of the rose and awakening the feminine voice

SHEro Sandra Humby

Welcome!  My guest today is Sandra Humby, Sandra shares how she endured the pain of a broken marriage, an end to her beloved business, divorce, and bankruptcy, and how her healing from this, led her to healing others.

Sandra has worked in energy therapy, as a House Whisperer, and as a wedding dress designer.  She now works as an energy alchemist and a healing and empowerment specialist.  She is an author, and the founder and creator of Rose Alchemy, Rose Oracle for the Heart, and the Rose Alchemy Holistic Healing Program.  She shares her work through personal consultations, seminars, and teaching programs in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, and the USA.

Join me for an inspiring conversation with Sandra!

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015 SHEro Heather Borkowski - From Facing Her Fears That Led to Finding Her True Passions and Purpose

SHEro Heather Borkowski

Heather shares how after having a typical standard and conventional start to her life, she began to follow her inner knowing which then took her on unexpected journeys that have taken her all around the world.

She shares her story of how facing her fears connected her to her true passion and purpose.

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011 SHEro Karina Ladet - From Waiting for the Perfect to Change to Just Doing It

SHEro Karina Ladet

Karina shares how she had The Call when she was working in a traditional 9-5 role and although it didn't become her business for 10 years, she learnt to trust herself and her gifts as she continually practised her channelling skills.

A week after doing the channelling course and ‘receiving’ a large heart, she met her husband. Even though she wasn’t looking for love, she explains that it was like she had made the connection and everything started falling in to place.

Karina shares how the more she acted on her seemingly crazy hunches from her spirit guides, the more she noticed that it worked.

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