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013 SHEro Karen Hager - From Denying Her Intuitive Gifts to Making a Successful Career From Them

SHEro Karen Hager

Karen shares how it was a health crisis that brought her into alignment with where she is now.

Ever since she was a small child, she could hear, see and perceive things that not everyone else could and she chose to tell them to ‘shut up!’

But she chose to ignore it and push it aside, because she didn't want to be seen as weird.

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011 SHEro Karina Ladet - From Waiting for the Perfect to Change to Just Doing It

SHEro Karina Ladet

Karina shares how she had The Call when she was working in a traditional 9-5 role and although it didn't become her business for 10 years, she learnt to trust herself and her gifts as she continually practised her channelling skills.

A week after doing the channelling course and ‘receiving’ a large heart, she met her husband. Even though she wasn’t looking for love, she explains that it was like she had made the connection and everything started falling in to place.

Karina shares how the more she acted on her seemingly crazy hunches from her spirit guides, the more she noticed that it worked.

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